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10 June 2018

"It's a massive privilege for me to have you play in my band. You bring such blessing through your playing and your great personality." (Anna Lamplough, The Anna Lamplough Big Band, the Citadel, Birmingham)

17 March 2018

"The most ridiculously talented and modest human being I know! Amazing to see Phil do his thing as Music Director on RSC Hamlet today" (Alex Jayne, SInger/Songwriter at Hackney Empire, London)

31 December 2017

"Phil, You have been such a pleasure to have in the company. See you next year." (Daryl Back, Executive Producer, Peter Pan, Wyvern Theatre, Swindon)

30 December 2017

"Thanks for being utterly brilliant Phil! You are a ridiculous talent!" (Brian Greene, Drum Kit, Peter Pan, Wyvern Theatre, Swindon)

24 September 2017

"We will miss you very much Phil and thank you for all your hard work over the past eight years. We wish you every success and happiness with the Royal Shakespeare Company and your future career and the pathway upon which your talent will take you. We hope you will come back to see us when you can." (Jenni Rullan, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

5 August 2016

Feedback from The Wonders of Walt, my Final Major Project at the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire

"An amazing band and twelve stunning singers produced an evening of pure entertainment that I could have listened to all week! Well done Phil! You are a special talent. Best concert I have been to by a long shot. Stunning!" (Alf Rai, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

"Wow! Fantastic concert from start to finish! When is the West End Tour?" (Neil Bolton, Gentlemen Songsters Male Voice Choir)

"Just simply an amazing and entertaining evening - Phil, all your hard work was rewarded by the obvious appreciation of the whole audience - thank you." (Jenni Rullan, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

"Just contacting you to say how much we enjoyed last night's concert - it was magical and you all obviously enjoyed yourselves having fun! Congratulations! Brilliant achievement!" (Chris and Doreen Dawe, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

"Congratulations to all involved last night on a truly excellent performance. It was a pleasure to assess." (Ben Kennedy)

"The funniest and most enjoyable concert I've been to at the Adrian Boult Hall. Absolutely incredible job Phil!" (Tsvetelina Likova)

"Incredible concert last night with the maestro Phil James." (Martin Bayliss, Principal, Holyhead School, Birmingham)

"What a stunning concert Phil! You did a wonderful job and the talent on the stage was awesome! We were all privileged to be there." (Annie Hodkinson)

"What an amazing evening! I couldn't be more proud of my good friend Phil James - you impress me with everything you do...but you have definitely outdone yourself tonight! You deserve every praise." (Tom Leo)

"What an amazing night! Phil, you are wonderful! A group of stunningly talented people. Couldn't stop smiling!" (Laura Leo)

"What an amazing night! Phil James, you should be incredibly proud." (Faraz Rafiq)

"Had the best time singing in The Wonders of Walt tonight! Thank you so much Phil for asking me to be part of such an amazing concert and well done - you absolutely smashed it!" (Abbie Rai, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

"Fabulous night of entertainment Phil. Be proud....very proud!" (Richard Bourne, Phoenix Theatre Company)

"Had a brilliant evening listening to the amazingly talented Phil James. A privilege to be there!" (Sarah Vickers)

"Great evening of Disney music. Well done Phil for putting on a superb final project. Great band and singers." (Adrian Taylor)

"I can honestly say that I have had the most amazing evening watching such a talented group of individuals! Phil, you should be so very proud of what you have achieved. It was outstanding from start to finish. Just didn't want it to end!" (Julie Dean)

"Loved it last night Phil - really took me back to my childhood. Was wonderful! (Daniel Haddon, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

"I wanted to say congratulations on such a successful production last night. I don't know you personally, so came with no agenda other than to enjoy a live performance of the music I love. It was one of the most professional, yet personable performances I have seen. You brought a lot of the joy to the world yesterday - thank you for allowing us to be part of it." (Claire Kelly)

"Absolutely awesome. Pure talent! Phil, you should be very proud. It wouldn't have been out of place in any West End theatre." (Carol Burgess, Willenhall Music Theatre Company)

"I have been to hundreds of concerts including London's West End and Broadway and young Phil James and his production of The Wonders of Walt at the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, was right in there with the best. Walt would have approved too! Keep doing it Phil! A memorable evening of Disney Music. Thank you." (Cyril Dodd, Market Drayton)

"Brilliant night! Would do it all again even with the tight schedule! Thanks Phil for asking me to 'light up' your concert!" (Alec Corbett, Lighting)

"It was wonderful! Phil is a very talented young man." (Vicki Grieves)

"Phil you are awesome and I'm really proud of you I could burst! Well done....it was amazing." (Janet Smith)

"Had a lovely night last night. Phil, you were totally brilliant!" (Claudie Leary)

"A brilliant performance. Well done Phil!" (Malcolm Rabone)

"My wife and I were at last night's concert and we were totally blown away!" (Roy Wootton, St Benedict Biscop Church, Wombourne)

"Thank you and congratulations on last night's performance. It was superb! The programme was excellent and the execution of the material by everyone was first class. The quality of musicianship and singing and the enthusiasm shown by all of you was so greatly appreciated by everyone in the audience - shown by the total standing ovation at the end!" (Brian Bridge, St. John's Church, Swindon)

"One word - BRILLIANT!" (Keith Moss, Gentlemen Songsters Male Voice Choir)

"A spectacular success! When are you taking it on tour? If I had paid top dollar in the West End I would not have been disappointed. Well done young man! You have come a long way from when we first saw you at Catshill Church in Bromsgrove." (Maurice Preece)

"A real privilege to sing in Phil's incredible The Wonders of Walt concert. A pleasure to share a stage with such talent." (Alexandra Dodd)

"Really proud friend - well done Phil on a fantastic final project. Your band and singers were truly amazing! Walt would have been proud of you too!" (Lindsey Grant, Phoenix and Willenhall Musical Theatre Companies)

"Fantastic! Huge well done to Phil!" (Darren Lovell, Holyhead School, Birmingham)

"Wow! What an amazing evening!!! Would watch it again tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the week!!! Phil is so talented an we all felt so proud of him." (Jane Hamblett)

"Fantastic night full of so much talent! Well done Phil!" (Lottie Round)

"Congratulations and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening on Friday. We loved the whole evening and we've rarely seen better shows at the Symphony Hall or the Town Hall and it was a privilege to see so much talent on display." (Sue Biggs)

"My wife and I thought it was the best musical performance we have been to and could not believe how good the singers and musicians were. We were so impressed with how Phil brought everything together. My son was so inspired by it he wants to be a musician!" (Lee Guest)

"We want to congratulate you on a wonderful evening's entertainment. Your talent is amazing and to play and conduct the orchestra and singers like you did was truly marvellous. We wish you every successfor the future and look forward to more concerts - 'It's kind of fun to do the impossible'" (John and Phyllis Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

"We wish to congratulate and thank you for a fantastic evening's entertainment. The Adrian Boult Hall was buzzing in anticipation and you did not disappoint. The amount of work and effort you put it was clear to see and was truly deserving of the standing ovation you received. We were all so very proud of you." (Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

"The choir were extremely positive, as I expected, when I proposed a coach for your concert. They came for you, in the knowledge that your personality, character and musicianship, which we know well from your contribution to the choir, guaranteed a good performance. In the event, it wasn't very good, it was superb." (Pete Hawthorne CBE, Chairman, Gentlemen Songsters Male Voice Choir)

3 August 2015

"We are used to - but continue to be impressed and amazed by - Phil's musical expertise. As we have come to expect, the evening was a mix of classical and modern, with instrumental pieces as well as songs and this year the introduction of Alexandra Jayne, a very talented singer/songwriter. This year Phil played piano, xylophone, snare drum, violin, electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele, cajon and a variety of other percussion instruments. The evening ended with a rousing Irish jig which began with Phil playing the bodhran and then changing instruments ending with the violin and audience participation and Alex on acoustic guitar." (Doreen Dawe, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

12 December 2014

"I was very touched to have been asked and recorded this version with the brilliant Phil James playing piano." (Alexandra Jayne on the recording of 'Real Love' for the Donna Louise Children's Hospice)

15 September 2014

"Musically, I think it was one of the best concerts we've seen in recent years." (Colin Hunt, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company, on 'Magical Musicals')

14 September 2014

"The evening was an amazing mix of instrumental pieces and songs....Phil played piano, xylophone, violin, electric and acoustic guitars and impressed us all with a range of classical and modern pieces....we were privileged to hear and see this performance." (Doreen Dawe, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

15 March 2014

"There's no stopping you now! You were a major part in driving this show this week and you are very talented - never forget it! Good luck with everything you do - you deserve it!" (Jeremy Hobbs, President of Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company, on the production of 'Grease' at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton)

8 February 2014

"Whilst Lindsey Grant provided the intuitive choreography, up and coming Musical Director, Phil James, kept tight control of the large orchestra which again complemented the action." (NODA Review on Oliver, Phoenix Theatre Company)

8 February 2014

"Amazing, the last time I saw Phil James was on keys for Wizard of Oz and how far he has come since then? Such a role model for young people to aspire to!" (Hayley Williams, Phoenix Theatre Company, on Oliver)

8 February 2014

"Wanted to say how superbly talented Phil James is. I expect and hope to see him on the biggest stage. A glittering career surely awaits." (Nick Westley-Smith, Phoenix Theatre Company, on Oliver)

7 December 2013

"On behalf of the society and the committee many thanks for your time and patience with this show" (Philip Field, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company, on Aladdin)

4 December 2013

"The principals were backed up by a well disciplined chorus including some singing puppets, good lighting, costumes, scenery and an excellent band. Well done!" (NODA Review on Aladdin, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company for which I was Musical Director)

30 November 2013

"Great Day! Thank you to my talented backing band, Callum White, Phil James and Nick Roberts" (Anna Lamplough after a concert at the Hexagon Theatre, Reading)

16 September 2013

"Phil James impressed us with his musical expertise by playing a variety of instruments including piano, keyboard, violin, acoustic and electric guitars and saxophone, again accompanied by his own pre-recorded tracks. The whole evening was a delight and it was a privilege to see and hear such talent." (Doreen Dawe, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

19 July 2013

"Thank you on behalf of the members of the society and the committee for your time and patience with us during both the concert and rehearsals. It has been a real pleasure working with you as always." (Philip Field, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

23 June 2013

"With many thanks from the Choir for playing the organ at rehearsals and on the night of the performance at the Wombourne Music Festival and making it a success." (Wombourne United Reformed Church Choir)

20 April 2013

"On behalf of the committee, we wish to thank you for all your hard work and help on this most successful production of 'Calamity Jane'." (Philip Field, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

23 March 2013

"Thank you very much for playing for us in Church during Jodie and Richard's wedding. Everyone commented later how talented you are and how much they enjoyed listening to you." (Diane and Len Powell)

29 November 2012

"First rehearsal with Phil James today. What a legend!! Cambridge and Symphony Hall here we come!" (Anna Lamplough, Saxophonist)

1 August 2012

"Phil James, who is a true multi-instrumentalist, gave a performance of such quality and variety that it was a joy to sit and listen to. Ranging from Classical to Ragtime and calling in at other disciplines on the way, we were still humming 'Alligator Crawl' on the way home. What a talent" (Bob and Jane Hill)

14 July 2012

"Spent two hours in the company of Phil James at a concert in Wombourne - he is ridiculously talented!" (Chris Wolverson, Impulse Productions, Goldthorn Theatre Company, Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company)

1 July 2012

"Another Music Festival Concert with our own Phil James. Phil, as usual, gave an excellent and professional performance, entertaining the audience with a range of instruments and styles of music. Phil demonstrates such expertise and obviously enjoys his music making" (Phyllis Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

7 June 2012

"Thank you so much for playing for us this week at Ingestre Hall. This was an incredibly special musical for all of us involved and I thank you for being part of this production" (John Percival BSc (Hons), Head of Sajja Arts Collective, Ingestre Hall, Stafford)

4 April 2012

"Congratulations on your outstanding contribution to the concert on 27 March. I know that you have been very helpful in terms of organising the percussion and I could see for myself how much your contribution on the night helped the smooth running of the event" (Sharon Phillips, Principal, King Edward VI College, Stourbridge)

5 March 2012

"Technically and musically you are by far the best composer I have taught at any level - your ability to carry off a wide variety of styles is very impressive" (Dr. Tom Pankhurst, Head of Music, King Edward VI College, Stourbridge)

19 February 2012

"We are delighted to announce that our Assistant Accompanist, Phil James, has been awarded a place at Birmingham Conservatoire where he will study Percussion and Piano. We were already aware that Phil could beat out a good rhythm on the old ivories and this now proves it" (Gentlemen Songsters Male Voice Choir)

11 February 2012

"Thank you for playing at our wedding. It was very special to be able to have you there" (Samantha and Adam Walker)

8 January 2012

"Phil, as expected, you have been a most brilliant accompanist - thank you so much. We look forward to hearing great things from you over the coming years" (Jill Beaumont, Queensbridge Musical Theatre Society)

4 January 2012

"At Christmas I opened possibly the best present I have ever received. The CD was a total surprise. I had no inkling whatsoever that it was being produced and it was all the more emotionally received for that. Jodie has told me of the large part you played in producing it. I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude to you. The CD and the memories and emotions that go with it will be treasured for many years to come" (Greg Welch - on the CD recorded by Jodie Welch and Phil)

10 December 2011

"May I take this opportunity on behalf of the officers and committee to thank you for your tireless hard work on our first ever pantomime" (Philip Field, Willenhall Musical Theatre Company)

1 November 2011

"We were treated to a most wonderful evening of entertainment provided by Phil James. He wowed us with his exceptional talent on almost every instrument known to man (hard to believe but I am told there are actually one or two instruments he doesn't play). We send our warmest congratulations to Phil who has just been awarded 'Student of the Year for Creative Music at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge" (St. Andrew's Church, Wall Heath)

23 October 2011

"I would like to say a sincere thank you for the truly outstanding performance you gave for us at St. Andrew's. It was a wonderful evening's entertainment and I am delighted to say everyone was impressed with your truly exceptional talent which you shared with us. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the entertainment was magnificent" (Sheilah Barton, St. Andrew's United Reformed Church, Wall Heath)

8 September 2011

"Phil still continues to amaze with his extraordinary range of ability on so many different instruments. He moved effortlessly from playing the keyboard, to playing electric guitar, with his own pre-recorded acoompaniment, then from xylophone to church organ" (John Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

3 September 2011

On behalf of the children of Belarus I would like to thank you for your help and support again this year. Everyone enjoyed the music and the garden party would not be the same without live music and definitely not without the wonderful sound of Phil James. You were a great help and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart" (Ann Becke, Chernobyl Children's Life Line)

1 March 2011

"Thank you for your part in the production of 'The Snow Queen'. Thank you for your leadership of the band and as Musical Director and for all the time you spent in rehearsals and planning for the event - I am sure one day we will read of your future success knowing that you took your first role as Musical Director at St. James's C.E. Primary School" (E.A. Penn, Headteacher, St. James's C.E. Primary School, Wollaston)

1 September 2010

"Phil's talent, stamina, enthusiasm and modesty is amazing. He wowed his audience with a stunning display of musical versatility, moving from keyboard solos to keyboard accompaniment with pre-recorded backing by himself, a violin duet, rock guitar, church organ (Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Bach) to his first vocal performance. His improvisation of 'The Radetzky March' by Strauss was absolutely brilliant and drew many emotions from the audience, gasps of admiration, smiles and clapping in time and out of time!" (John Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

19 July 2010

"Phil James excited the audience with his first piece, a jazz number called 'Alligator Crawl', and later impressed with 'Nocturne in f minor' by Chopin" (Irene Siviter, Stream Road Methodist Church, Kingswinford)

9 October 2010

"Thank you for giving your time so generously to play at the lunch party for 'Help for Heroes'. You were just fantastic. It is so very good of you and so very much appreciated. We raised £3,334 which was absolutely wonderful" (Ann Becke)

27 December 2009

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come along on Christmas Eve. It was fabulous, a real 'hair standing up on the back of the neck' moment and a memory I will treasure. It certainly started Christmas in the best possible way" (Mark Williams, The Bridge Radio, Stourbridge)

13 December 2009

"Thank you for recording 'Time To Say Goodbye' for the funeral. It was just we wanted" (Faye)

21 October 2009

"It was a great evening and everyone that I have spoken to has said how much they enjoyed it and that they were very impressed with the quality of the talent and entertainment provided. £296 will be going to the Baby Bereavement Suite which is a wonderful achievement. Tremendous stuff!" (Sheilah Barton, The Church of Ascension, Wall Heath)

23 August 2009

"Thank you for playing at the garden party for the Chernobyl children and their host families. It is so very good of you and so very much appreciated. Charities such as Chernobyl Children rely entirely on fundraising and help from generous people like yourself. We cannot thank you enough" (Ann Becke, Chernobyl Children's Life Line)

9 July 2009

"Phil has shown a great professional attitude throughout the two weeks, always being enthusiastic and giving a high standard of performance working with a professional ensemble" (Mike Cotton)

6 July 2009

"Thanking you for performing on Saturday and waiving your fee - all the money raised will go to further development at 'El Centro, Karen' in Uruguay for the education of under priviliged children" (Graham Aston)

21 May 2009

"Phil James is a musical enigma" (Deb Brownlee, St John's Church Preservation Group, Dudley)

7 July 2008

"Please accept our sincere thanks for all your hard work in putting on the concert on Saturday in aid of Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation" (Betty Smith, St. John's Methodist Church, Wolverhampton)

2 July 2008

"I was fascinated to read the article in 'The Wolverhampton Chronicle' and do congratulate you on your music accomplishments" (Patrick Cormack, MP, South Staffordshire)

28 June 2008

"Just a quick note to thank you and your family for all the hard work you do to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I really enjoyed the concert last week and it was clear that the rest of the audience was also having a good time.....what was impressive was not just the range of instruments and styles of music you play, but the number of pieces you play that are all up to performance standard at one time. Your timing is impeccable" (Rachel Hudson, Cancer Research UK)

21 June 2008

"Thank you very much indeed for playing at St. Michael's Open Day. I know you are a very busy young man, so it is very kind of you to give us some of your precious time" (Olwyn Crane, St. Michael's Church, Himley)

7 June 2008

"A big thank you for a lovely evening of music last Saturday.....we really enjoyed the variety of items you chose to include in your programme and you make it all look so easy and relaxed. Thank you for sharing your love of music." (Murielle Lynch)

1 November 2007

"Even through your teenage years of rebellion, don't ever give up your talent. You will make a difference to the lives of so many people" (Emilie White, Bewdley)

18 October 2007

"On behalf of the Church Council and congregation I would like to pass on our most grateful thanks for the very fine concert that you gave last Saturday. We all enjoyed the evening tremendously" (Keith Lilley, St. John's Church, Swindon)

22 September 2007

"You are without doubt an extremely talented young musician and we are grateful to you for sharing your talents for our benefit" (St. Andrew's United Reformed Church, Wall Heath)

14 July 2007

"Thank you for entertaining us by playing an amazing range of instruments including several types of guitar, the violin, drums, keyboard and piano" (John Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

3 May 2007

"This week I have been hearing your praises all over this village. I haven't heard one word of criticism, only compliments. Your gift for playing and composing music goes without saying, but also your lovely smile, pleasant and friendly manner appeals so much. On behalf of St. Mary's Church and Coton-in-the-Elms and surrounding villages, thank you for giving us such an enjoyable evening" (Jane Sherriff, Coton-in-the-Elms, Derbyshire)

14 April 2007

"Thank you for playing at our wedding. Everyone has commented on your talent" (Hayley and Simon Edmondson)

6 December 2006

"Thank you for performing at our Christmas Concert. Everyone was impressed, not only by your obvious talent, but by the choice of music you played. It was ideal for the occasion" (J.W. Brown, Sedgley and District Community Association)

3 October 2006

"Thank you for Saturday evening. On Sunday morning the Church was buzzing with talk telling each other what a wonderful time we had had" (Falcon Lodge Methodist Church, Sutton Coldfield)

31 July 2006

"Thank you for the wonderful performance you gave at the Flower Festival - everyone enjoyed it" (Stan Proudman, St. Francis Parish Church, Dudley)

10 June 2006

"Thank you for a wonderful evening of musical entertainment. We will watch your musical career grow with interest" (Sharron and Geoff Chance, Seisdon)

"You are an accomplished musician and can turn your hand to a number of instruments - your performances go from strength to strength and I will watch with interest as you mature and your musical skills develop" (Louise Whatton, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

10 May 2006

"Many thanks for your latest CD. I have really enjoyed listening to it and am amazed at your talent" (Dorothy Finch, British Columbia, Canada)

9 May 2006

"The evening was a great success and I would like to thank you for giving so freely of your time to raise money for our lighting fund" (Reverend Dr. Phil Rees, St. John's Methodist Church, Wolverhampton)

15 April 2006

"Thank you on behalf of the British Camping and Caravan Club for the wonderful evening you gave us" (kath and Alan Baker)

5 April 2006

"Just wanted to tell you of my appreciation of your amazing talents in composing 'The River'. You should be very proud of your achievements" (Marie Shiels, Holyhead School)

3 April 2006

"I've just listened to your CD, 'The River', and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was really impressed by your ability" (Neil Glasspool, Holyhead School)

20 February 2006

"Many thanks for coming along to Queen Mother Gardens last week to entertain the residents. It was a great afternoon and we all thoroughly enjoyed your performance" (Madeleine Cetti)

28 December 2005

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your CD. You really are a talented musician and the quality of your music shows how hard you work" (Jackie Acaster)

25 June 2005

"Your ability was outstanding on such a wide variety of instruments with music to suit all tastes. Thank you" (Phyllis Bowler, Wombourne United Reformed Church)

23 June 2005

"Those who reach, touch the stars. Good luck Phil. We enjoyed your concert very much" (Glenda and David Rowlands)

"Thank you for a most enjoyable evening, you should be proud of your talent. You obviously work very hard and this shows in your professional manner as you take it all in your stride, appearing very cool" (Sam, Antony, Emily and Joshua)

"We all enjoyed your concert which was very, very good - the very best of luck with everything you do" (Sandiacre)

16 April 2005

"Thank you so much for a lovely evening of music. Best wishes for the future from all of us" (Swindon United Reformed Church)

26 February 2005

"You show great potential in the field of music, treating us to a programme showing how versatile you are. Everyone was impressed with your musical ability and were very appreciative of your performance on the night. You are a very talented young man" (Sean Barton, St. Andrew's United Reformed Church, Wall Heath)

24 January 2005

"At our recent Annual General Meeting, great appreciation was shown and recorded for your contribution, when called upon to play the Church Organ for our services" (Wombourne United Reformed Church)

25 November 2004

"All the tenants and staff would like to thank you for your entertainment - we hope to see you again (Brunel Court, Wombourne)